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[Verse 1] If you want me to be into you desperately Head over heels Then listen up, 'cause here's the deal Don't need no diamond ring You can keep your fancy car If you want my lovin' (If you want my lovin') It ain't that hard [Chorus] You gotta touch my arm in public and occasionally tell me that I'm not (Give me words of affirmation) A giant piece of shit (And the physical sensation) Touch my arm in public between the shoulder and my wrist (That's the whole damn arm)(That's the whole damn arm) It's pretty hard to miss
       G             F     C  F
If You Want Me To Be Into You Desperately
Head Over Heels
F    F#         D7
Then Listen Up, Cause Here’s The Deal
G                                   F    C    F
Don’t Need No Diamond Ring, You Can Keep Your Fancy Car
If You Want My Lovin (if You want My Lovin)
   F     F#       D7
It Ain’t That Hard
          G        D          G
You Gotta Touch My Arm In Public
    F             C      F
And Occasionally Tell Me That
I’m Not (give Me Words Of Affirmation)
               F             F#                D7
A Giant Piece Of Shit (and a Physical Sensation)
G               D    G                       F
Touch My Arm In Public Between The
                                C      Asus
Shoulder And My Wrist
That’s The Whole Damn arm (that’s the
F             F#                D7
whole damn arm) It’s pretty hard to miss
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